This past May, I had the pleasure of once again attending the Targeted Drug Delivery for Pain and Neurologic Disease annual conference in San Francisco, California. This conference – presented by Dr. Eric Grigsby and Neurovations – brings together some of the world’s greatest clinicians, scientists and drug & device industry professionals to review current uses of Targeted Drug Delivery to the Central Nervous System for the treatment of pain and neurologic disease.

This year’s conference featured lectures by some of the industry’s greatest minds, including: Dr. Eric Grigsby, Dr. David Caraway, Dr. Michael Saulino, Dr. Stanley Fisher, Dr. Elliot Krames, Dr. Robert Levy, and more. Though I was unable to attend all of the lectures presented during this year’s conference, those that I did have the pleasure of experiencing were both enlightening and thought provoking.

I first attended a morning lecture on May 3 given by Dr. David Caraway on, “IT Infusion for Pain.” Dr. Caraway began his presentation emphasizing an opinion that, in summation, stated that intrathecal drug delivery is a platform that enables a drug or admixture of drugs to be introduced into the IT space. This platform is both accurate and targeted in the process of delivering drugs for various medical conditions, and this delivery method is superior to other forms of analgesia such as systemic versus spinal.

I have heard Dr. Caraway speak a number of times regarding this subject, and each time I walk away with new information.

Immediately following Dr. David Caraway’s lecture on “IT Infusion for Pain” was Dr. Eric Grigsby’s presentation on “Surgical Techniques and Video on Pump and Catheter Placement.” Dr. Grigsby was able to provide a fascinating video in which he demonstrated the surgical implantation and placement of an intrathecal catheter. This video, I assume, gave many medical professionals in attendance who have not had an opportunity to observe this type of procedure a much-needed illustration of the importance of catheter placement and its role in optimal drug delivery. Kudos to Dr. Grigsby for including this amazing video.

In addition to the video, Dr. Grigsby presented tips from his many years of surgical expertise regarding pump placement and incisions to do nerve ligation for the pocket that contains the pump. Again, I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Grigsby speak at conferences and events throughout the past several years, and this was truly one of my favorites.