Pharmacy boards across the United States are rapidly and actively changing industry regulations in response to the New England Compounding Center tragedy of 2012. Some regulations are being altered on a monthly basis, and as a result, we have been required to develop proactive measures and adapt quickly. To that end, we have hired a Compliance Officer to monitor state pharmacy regulations on a weekly basis.

One of the more difficult regulation changes has required that our Pharmacist-In-Charge, William Stuart, become registered within certain states as a pharmacist. This particular regulation has required additional time, resources, and – in many ways – is an administrative burden. I am currently licensed as a pharmacist in thirteen states. As of this date, three additional states have requested that I become licensed as a pharmacist within their territory by the end of the year.  Hartley, as a pharmacy, is licensed in 47 meeting all local requirements.

The bottom line for practitioners is to be aware of regulatory compliance to ensure that your practice is protected. If your pharmacy is not in compliance, this may affect your liability in the event of an accident.