Cesar Benavidez, Pharmacy Technician at Hartley Medical, has been a crucial part of Hartley’s pharmaceutical compounding team for over four years. With vast training from the Pharmacy Technician Training Institute, Cesar has invaluable knowledge of both sterile and non-sterile compounding.

At Hartley Medical, Cesar uses optimal sterilization and compounding techniques to produce the highest-quality compounded product and, under the supervision of the pharmacist in charge, contributes to batch production and performs quality assurance activities.

“Hartley always asks, ‘How can we improve?’” says Cesar. “The company desires to explore new ideas and evolving techniques and methods to provide the best products for patients.”

Cesar is originally from Modesto, California, but lived in New York for 9 years and was a full-time minister who was involved with production of Bibles and spiritual literature. Cesar’s genuine care for people is a major contributor to his scrutinizing focus on patient-safety.