Recently, I had the honor and privilege to present a webinar on behalf of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists entitled, Endotoxins and Environmental Monitoring for Your Pharmacy. There were over 130 attendees for this webinar that was intended to present the latest information to compounding pharmacists regarding this topic. I want to thank David Miller and Michelle Atkinson for allowing me to participate in this great opportunity. Additionally, I want to thank Associates of Cape Cod for sponsoring this webinar and their commitment to compounding pharmacies. It is my understanding that IACP will be hosting numerous webinars in 2014 that will contain more technical information with a focus on quality. For information regarding upcoming both live and self-paced Webinars, visit the IACP’s AdvanCE continuing education page by clicking here. To view my recent presentation through IACP’s self-paced online seminars, please register by clicking here. For IACP Membership Information, please click here.

For more information about Endotoxins, visit Hartley Medical’s Knowledge Center by clicking here. For more on Environmental Monitoring, click here.