I have become aware of a potential problem regarding programming of implantable infusion pumps that I wish to share. As you are aware, Hartley provides medications for a large number of implantable practices throughout the United States. Recently, I became aware of a problem that occurred with one of our clients. He had inherited a patient from another pain practitioner and obtained as much information as was possible in regards to their infusion therapy.

The pump in question possessed a programming obstacle whereby only one drug could be listed within the programming device. When the clinician interrogated the pump, only one drug was listed. The physician issued a prescription which we received as part of our drug regimen review process.

After more in-depth review and contacting the previous provider, our client determined there was an omission and changed the prescription to reflect the previous regimen. It was disturbing on our end that this program seemed to be inadequate. Therefore, we are recommending to our clients that if you inherit a patient with a pump with which you are not familiar, please consider dedicating more energy to truly ascertain the completeness of the drug regimen prior to ordering their new pump refill.