Life is the most important gift, and everyone deserves to live pain and illness free. This is why clinical trials are important. Clinical trials offer patients with specific health conditions a chance to benefit from otherwise unavailable treatments. In the case of chronic pain, drug pump trials are common.

The trials for an implantable pain pump are done to determine if this form of delivery is a good fit for the patient, how much medication is needed, point of efficacy, and if there are potential side effects. The trial can be done by either a single dose injection, or via continuous infusion.

During a continuous infusion trial, which generally lasts between 2 and 14 days, a catheter is inserted into the epidural space; though the pump and catheter are worn on the outside of the body. A large volume parenteral (LVP) bag continuously disperses a selected drug, generally morphine, through the catheter into the intraspinal space. Large volume parenterals are single-dose, sterile solutions of 100 mL or greater.

Here at Hartley Medical, we provide drugs packaged in large volume for parenteral, infusion, and intravenous delivery. We care first and foremost about patient safety. We have an unwavering desire to provide the highest quality sterile medications for intravenous and intra-spinal therapies. Our products are compounded in accordance to our stringent policies and procedures that exceed USP 797, and undergo rigorous quality assurance testing.

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