Hartley Medical has written many times in the past on the importance of physicians visiting your compounding pharmacy, but today I would like to share another relevant event that occurred over the past two months at Hartley Medical.

Client Tammy Smith Visits Hartley MedicalIn early June, a relatively new client from the San Diego area contacted us with some quality assurance questions. During the phone call with the office manager, Tammy Smith, I asked if she would like to perform a site visit – and she agreed to come to our office on June 25th.

Tammy listened intently as I discussed the many aspects of Hartley Medical’s operation. She did not possess a medical background, but I could observe that she was very intuitive. We toured the clean room, staff training and continuous evaluation. She met our quality assurance team and reviewed their workload. Tammy began asking questions as to why we operated in a certain manner as compared to the standards for sterile compounding. I thoroughly enjoyed addressing her questions; and she was able to gain a far deeper understanding of the importance of those standards.

I believe this was her first visit to a compounding pharmacy, and I feel she gained a greater understanding for her practice. I appreciate this type of meeting because not only does it allow me to provide detailed information on Hartley, but it reassures clients of the validity of their choosing us. This type of visit enables me to continue building a firm and long lasting relationship. Tammy left with peace of mind as the ultimate result of her visit. We concluded the site tour with dinner. I was grateful for her visit, and I enthusiastically invite all of our clients to visit us to see how Hartley Sets The Standard.