Hartley Medical is proud to offer services above and beyond traditional pharmacy providers. We provide an enhanced array of services; and our pharmacists are available for clinical consultations. We routinely perform retrospective drug regimen reviews for current prescriptions from previous orders.

This process enables us to detect therapy omissions or discrepancies prior to compounding. Additionally, we integrate an extensive end-product testing program to ensure that only the highest quality products are dispensed.

Clinical Consultations

In many cases, physicians find it therapeutically advantageous to have a professional “sounding board” to review, upon request, patients’ regimens which may present unusual challenges. Our staff is uniquely qualified and knowledgeable in the area of pain management care, and we are able to offer recommendations for treatment. Based on case studies, up-to-date publications and our experience with physicians around the country, we can assist you in making drug recommendations, dosage adjustments, and pharmaceutical conversions.

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Shipping And Delivery

We deliver all of our products next day via FedEx or UPS. In some cases, we have the ability to deliver same day for clients beyond the Southern California area. Our products are shipped in cardboard reinforced Styrofoam temperature-controlled containers. We also proactively monitor our shipments to make certain correct and prompt delivery arrive. If problems occur with delivery, we contact you in advance and attempt corrective action to prevent therapy interruptions. You may order as late as 4:00 p.m. PST, and receive your medications next day.

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