Gail McGlothlenI would like to introduce Gail McGlothlen RN, certified in pain management, as she is conducting a very insightful study on the safety of intraspinal treatments. The focus of the study is to query non-physician clinicians who are involved in treating patients with implantable drug delivery devices (IDD).

Dr. Lawrence Poree is a member of this project committee, and together they have created a survey for the non-physician clinician to collect data that will facilitate a better understanding of their training and experience with IDD. No studies exist that describe this specialized group.

The survey is voluntary, anonymous, and takes only about 5 minutes to complete. The survey can be accessed through the following link and is password protected. The survey is for non-physician clinicians who perform the implantable pump refill procedures.

Improving the Safety of Intraspinal Drug Delivery Therapy: What is the Non-Physician Clinician’s Training and Experience Questionnaire Survey

Take The Survey Here

password: iddsurvey2015

I encourage all non-physician clinicians to participate in this innovative and meaningful survey.