Starting now, Hartley Medical is beginning to build an informational video library for you! These videos are, and will be, provided to you via YouTube ( We encourage you to take advantage of this source of sterile compounding information, as it is here for one purpose, and one purpose only – education. We want to provide you with top-quality resources to grow your knowledge of the field of intrathecal pain medications.

William Stuart, RPh – President and Owner of Hartley Medical – will be sharing his vast knowledge of the world of sterile compounding. There are, and will be, video demonstrations of certain processes, notations on various topics given by William himself, and video recaps of key conferences and events that Hartley Medical attends. Videos will be uploaded at random, and will remain on YouTube for you to access at your leisure. If you have a topic that you would like to hear William speak about, we urge you to e-mails us at We are here for you – utilize us!

Want to see a sample of these videos? Then click on the captions or images below to see video demonstrations of two Environmental Monitoring processes performed at Hartley Medical: Active Air Sampling, Microbial and Active Air Sampling, Particulates. Then, view William’s Notations on Environmental Monitoring by watching the third video provided.

Active Air Sampling, Microbial

Active Air Sampling, Particulates

William’s Notations on Environmental Monitoring

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