Hartley Medical Facilities

Welcome To Hartley Medical

Founded in 1979, we are a national, state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy dedicated to providing the highest quality sterile pharmaceuticals for the treatment of malignant and non-malignant chronic pain and movement disorders.

We Set The Standard

Our commitment to science and medicine is the foundation for what we call Setting the Standard. We take seriously our opportunity and responsibility to be the leading specialized provider of intrathecal medications in the United States . . . all based in a solid commitment to leading the standard of care conversation.

A 30-Year Tradition In
Technological Innovation
And Service Excellence

Clean Room Operations

Best Practices

We utilize best practices to lead in attaining a superior standard of care for intrathecal pharmaceuticals. We strive for the highest levels of safety, accuracy, purity, service and compassion. Hartley Medical is deeply committed to providing compassionate and specialized health care to all of our patients by delivering only the highest-grade pharmaceuticals. We are your guarantor of consummate quality, procedural integrity and superior service.

Please call us to arrange a site visit to see for yourself these reasons that make us different.

  • Profoundly-Encompassing Quality Assurance Program
  • Rigorous Environmental Monitoring Bacteria, Fungal and Particulate
  • Constant, Advanced Environmental Monitoring with Air, Surface, and Employee Monitoring on a Weekly Basis
  • Superior Sterile Facility and Equipment with Dedicated Enclosed Preparation Area
  • Fully Gowned Staff
  • Compounding Procedures In Strict Adherence to USP <797> Guidelines
  • Employee Media Fills on a Monthly Basis
  • Random Testing of Employees Compounding for Sterility and Accuracy on a Monthly Basis
  • Strictly Monitored Employee Aseptic Technique
  • Weekly Clean Room Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Air Quality Standards Surpassing Federal and State-Mandated Levels
  • A Dedicated Academically Trained Quality Assurance Team
  • Internal and Third Party Laboratory Testing Performed
  • Quality-Assured Production Process
  • Procedurally Disciplined, Clinically Skilled and Certified Staff

Company Overview

Hartley Medical was founded in 1979 by Charles B. Stuart. In 1985, William Stuart introduced sterile compounding
of high-quality pharmaceuticals for infusion therapy clients. In the ensuing years, we established ourselves as
among the most successful and professionally distinguished pharmacies in the state of California and in the
Western United States. We now serve hundreds of leading pain physicians and premier health care institutions
across the nation with a 30+ year tradition of excellence.

William A. Stuart, RPh, The Heart Of Hartley Medical

With over 30 years of experience serving patients, clinics, and sub-acute hospitals, William is among the leading national experts in the field of intra-spinal therapies. Trained as a pharmacist at the University of Arizona, William spent the early part of his career as a specialist in parenteral therapy. In 1996, he observed significant deficiencies in the traditional treatment of pain management with oral medication. He was inspired to create truly unique “leading edge” pain management programs for the optimization of patient treatments. William has led Hartley from a western regional pharmacy covering seven states to a national pharmacy.

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William Stuart

I Am Hartley

Passionate, Committed, Trained Staff

Our staff is composed of dedicated, extraordinary individuals who understand our mission to provide the highest
quality pharmaceuticals with scientific innovation, exemplary service and authentic compassion. Everyone operates
under clearly defined policies and procedures.

All compounding personnel are fully trained and are certified bi-annually in aseptic technique as well as emphasis
on accurate compounding of medications. Personnel are required to adhere to proper gowning as well as hand
sanitation, gloving policies and procedures immediately prior to entering the sterile preparation area and during
the compounding process.


Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding

ACP – Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding

The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding has fought to protect, promote, and advance the art and science of pharmacy compounding. It is the recognized authority for information, expertise, and practice standards with regard to pharmacy compounding.

American Academy of Pain Medicine Logo

AAPM – American Academy of Pain Medicine

The American Academy of Pain Medicine is a medical specialty society involved in education, training, advocacy, and research in the specialty of pain medicine. Its purpose is to optimize the health of patients in pain and eliminate the major public health problem of pain by advancing the practice and the specialty of pain medicine.

California Pharmacists Association Logo

CPhA – California Pharmacists Association’s

The California Pharmacists Association’s mission is to advance the practice of pharmacy for the promotion of health-advocating the role of the pharmacist as an essential provider of health care and supporting pharmacists in providing optimal patient care.

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PDA – Parenteral Drug Association

The Parenteral Drug Association is the leading global provider of science, technology, and regulatory information and education for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical community. Its mission is to develop scientifically sound, practical technical information and resources to advance science and regulation for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry through the expertise of its global membership.