I promised more on the San Francisco meeting Intrathecal Drug Delivery and Beyond – so here it is.

First up: Dr. Eliot Krames on the “History of Intrathecal Therapy.” This was a wonderful presentation of the first intrathecal case studies and the pioneers who had the knowledge and the courage to risk venturing into the unknown. Dr Krames is one of those pioneers. His published work is required reading for my employees.

Dr. Krames presented his info in a power point presentation, unique in the sense that he displayed the historical information and the photos of each pioneer responsible for the discovery or innovation. Before they were just names. Dr. Krames put faces to those names. Eloquent and inspirational. The crowd agreed. Dr. Krames received ovations and accolades for this long overdue presentation.

Note: I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Krames later on (after the crowd released him) and it was one of the singlemost important encounters of my professional life. He revealed to me that he was familiar with Hartley Medical, our services, and the company’s reputation for careful attention to the highest standards of safety and production. He said simply to me…

“You do more. I like that.”

I was humbled and honored — by his interest in the entire scope of our work at Hartley, his personal recognition of my efforts and his acknowledgement of Hartley operational standards. It just doesn’t get any better.