In light of the recent drug shortage events, doctors are receiving products from unfamiliar names. Certain commercially available products are now unavailable, and drugs are being compounded from powder forms. This means that physicians are receiving products from names they are unaccustomed to.

I recently received a call from a buyer where the doctor was about to utilize a drug, looked at the syringe and saw “Hartley Medical,” and questioned the product. The issue here was unfamiliarity. The doctor was expecting the commercially available name, but saw something else. After a conversation occurred between me and the doctor, he was beyond comfortable utilizing our product. But this doesn’t change the fact that unexpected change can lead to initial uncertainty. Therefore, physicians want verification that the product they are administering into a patient’s body is one that they know and trust.

Here at Hartley Medical, we understand that the drug shortages have forced change. We recommend that physicians be informed in advance that they are utilizing a substitute medication. This way, they can call and ask questions about the product prior to its use. In situations where this is not option, however, Hartley Medical welcomes phone calls regarding the policies, procedures, processes, and testing that occurs while compounding our sterile pharmaceuticals.

We compound products at a level exceeding USP 797.

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We are here to serve you! For more information about the current drug shortage issue, visit Hartley Medical’s Knowledge Center by clicking here.

To view William’s Notations on the Drug Shortages, watch the video below: